About Astrid Huisman-Biemans

I believe in the beauty of the everyday. If you look very carefully at what is going on around you and take the time to consider it all, you will see that beauty – that life force – too. My aim is to demonstrate how beautiful life is, particularly in these times when it is so incredibly rare for people to pay any real attention to anything.

My bronze sculptures, paintings, drawings and other works in mixed media on Dibond reveal the power of human imagination. As you browse through my artworks, you will see that they are filled with powerful emotions, such as melancholy, vulnerability and positivity. Clearly recurrent themes in my work include friendship, balance, the commonplace, a lust for life and togetherness.

When creating my artworks – whether commissioned or non-commissioned – I like to play with human relationships and I work with a unique play of lines. I create movement, allow my bronze figures to dance and bring my paintings to life.

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