Fat Neel (Fat Neel’s pet name)

Fat Neel      (fat Neel ‘s pet name).

Made on commission.

Full of character, rebellious, and self-confident.


Fat Neel owes her name to our (in-law) mother, or rather to our (in-law) father.  The name Neel arose from the name Cornelia affectionately.  However, Neel was (and is) anything but “fat”.

Not everything in life is all positive and pleasant.  In such a situation where everything was not going well, her husband always jokingly said:…everything will be fine, Fat Neel…

As a result, she was become a kind “guardian lady” in the yard.  If things don’t go well…everything will be fine…, and that’s how it is.  Astrid has perfectly shaped this symbolism in our sculpture.  Details from the life of our mother in-law have been corporated into the sculpture in great detail, making it very personal.

She’s georgeous.  She is very photogenic.  We enjoy your beautiful sculpture.


Angelique, Roeland, en Mrs. Bergers.

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