Cool gang

When commissioning this work, Sophie and Axel were particularly inspired by my earlier commissioned sculptures “Dearness and The Power of 8”.

We want an image that symbolises friendship and conviviality among friends and family.  Particularly as this is a gift for our family and friends.

As Sophie and Axel have 4 children, the idea was to show 6 people, depicting both the family and friendship.  They regularly get together to have a party and when they  do they like to enjoy a drink together!

The loving couple are seen surrounded by cheerful people each with their own character, who all radiate warmth, confidence, energy and pleasure, enjoy getting yogether to celebrate life and takes a poistive approach to the furure.  Just being with this Cool gang makes you feel cheerful!!!

The garden wall where Cool gang is beatifully illuminated in the evening is the perfect location for this sculpture.  The group welcomes you on arrival and puts a broad smile on your face as you enter the house.

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