4 hugs in a row

I have been friends with Fran en Astrid for years.  I would like to introduce you to my for special grandchildren.

EMMA: very special, our first grandchild, so touching with her monkey.  She will be 4 next year.

FRANS, very special, the ancestor.  Grandpa, very proud to be named after him.  (family tradition).  When Frans comes to us, he always walks straight to his great friend the bear.

FLEUR, very special, because she was born in a very difficult period.  She helped us in a heavy time of our lives.  Such a sweet, happy, enthousiastic child.  Together with her big friend rabbit is she adorable.

MIA, very special, (named after Frans’ mother), only 3 months old, but already such a bond with us.  We don’t know yet which hug it will be, but she has already found her thumb.


I went to lunch with Astrid in November.  I entered her room and my eye immediately fell on the sculpture of the girl with the monkey.  Than I knew, this is Emma with Apie!!  That night I was awakw and got a great idea.  I want this sculpture, I’m going to call Astrid in the morning and ask if she would like to make an appropiate sculpture for my other children.  She was very enthousiastic about the idea!  She’s very busy right now.with making these new sculptures.  Her inspiration and the passion which she works on this is indescribable.  It is always so nice to listen to her, so fascinating how she can tell about her profession.  Together with my husband Frans, I am very curious how the next 3 sculptures will be.


Atrid, you are a champ, thanks to you we will enjoy our children every day.  And if we are no longer there, then they each have a beautiful work of art as a reminder of this beautiful time.

Thank you Astrid for making this happen for us.

With kind regards,  Patricia





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